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The Oxfordshire Bridge Association is a non-profit organisation. Its objects include:

  1. To promote and assist in the development of duplicate contract bridge in Oxfordshire;
  2. To establish and organise competition duplicate bridge in Oxfordshire and to encourage participation in both local and national competitions;
  3. To license or organise congresses and other competitions within the jurisdiction of the OBA;
  4. To select county teams to compete in national and inter-county competitions.

More details of the association's objectives, how it is run, and its relationship with the English Bridge Union are included in the constitution.  Management teams that report to the Management Committee and their objectives may be found by clicking on the Development button on the left hand menu and greater detail for each management team can be found if you then click on the team heading therein. 
See also the competition bylaws.


From the menu at the left-hand side of this page, you can find:

The full version of our constitution

Minutes and agendas for meetings of the Management Committee, and Annual General Meetings of the Association

Contact details for officers and members of the Management Committee, and for our EBU Shareholders

Development indicating the roles of the management teams and the current names of the management team members

A direct link to the EBU website

Current and past issues of our Newsletter

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